Harvesting Begins!

After nearly 3 Months of fettling this old maiden the crops were coming forward this season due to the high temperatures and drought conditions.

Fortunately the growing season had mostly satisfied many areas to sustain their crops! We ourselves were encouraged how the crops looked at this late stage, and as the time ticked away I took the opportunity to run the 36 around my grassland with the threshing engaged to satisfy myself that everything was running ok? For sure it's not the same as cutting and feeding crop into combine? But it's enough to highlight any running issues.

Fortunately this season my own crop of spring a barley was slightly forward to our first customer contract job and this is quite rare! But very welcomed as it would give me time to set up the combine at home before travelling away to start our customers crops.

And we’re off! And Harvest 22 begins! On the 5/8/22 me on the right and harvesting partner Hillary take a minute for a rare photo opportunity

The following photos courtesy of Pete Nash somersetagripics
Thank you Pete!
Copyright !

The amount of hours and hard work to put this old girl back into the fields are more than compensated with a great start as I cut my own Barley crops

The first few acres behind her and the usual issues of trying to even feed a crop through a combine that’s not seen action for several years! Various alarms from Walker speed and cylinder speed! To address but within an hour the combine settles to a gentle rhythm and I have a better understanding of her sweet spot!

With the family on board we get stuck in for a late evening combining !

After a few days combining the dust from the very dry crops shroud the combine

A necessity every day is to blow the combine down! It’s an awful dirty job but vital to lessen the risk of fires!

A leaf blower is a well used tool for this purpose!

The yellow gold !

A wide lens view of the Dronningbourg powerflow table

An operators view of the dusty conditions especially this season !

Within a week we move over 17 miles to our next customers barley crops and the dry hot conditions prevail throughout August

Just as we get use to trouble free harvesting days we have a table auger drive chain snap!

A trip over to a local agri supplier to get some spare links and the following day we resume the harvest!

Another load on its way from the field!

Grabbing a quick sandwich whilst unloading !

In the hot August heat climbing the Ever present Somerset slopes this 1991 combine which was facing the breakers! Continues her working life.

Two Tractors hauling the grain as it’s close to the farm and the job continues at pace with no sign yet of a weather breakdown !