Forthcoming topics!!

The Last Brantford Massey !!

Seeking a 415/510/515 combine must be complete for our collection!! Contact 07860 281755

We are currently seeking a set of sieves for a 1953 780!! Please ring or email thank you.

Also a tribute to Kilmarnock home of Massey combines.


If you worked at this plant and you would like to share your story or experiences please get in touch. regards Colin

Forthcoming features!!

 Other Owners combines and restoration projects!

Autumn Ploughing at Stratton on the Fosse!

News of an additional combine to join this collection!!?

Custom cutting in the USA!!

All of this to follow 2015/16

Also Custom Cutting in New Zealand ! With Mf 760s ! Cracking photos! Coming up later this Summer.

Regards Colin