Massey Combines The future!

11. Sep, 2017

Check out the latest models from Massey (Agco)

Launched on the 6/8/17 The MF Ideal

The Future Of MF

These are the first glimpse of what is the acumulation of 6 years Lab and Field testing, and 45 proto types built and worked around the World.

The story of Massey Combine developments has always been ongoing, but the combine market has been largely Class and New Holland lead, and from the heady days of the 50s 60s and 70s Massey Combines has decended from its market leading position and quietly remained in the background always there but not commanding the significant numbers it once enjoyed.

Will this new model put Agco in the forefront of combine sales again? Well its a tough nut to crack now, but it seems they have a chance and they have thrown everything at it being a success.

I really wish them well with it, personally speaking I think in some areas of the UK the dealership support is very weak and to me even if the product is good many customers will buy a combine that offers the best product support!

Perhaps this is something that may be addressed in the future.



Launched into a blaze of publicity the all new MF Ideal

The rear end looking somewhat menacing!

A familiar site now in the modern combine

The modern workplace of a combine operator today!

The Ideal in action 2017

The Future of crop harvesting.

The Ideal Combine !

With over 45 prototypes built and tested around the globe you can be assured this combines designers have left little to chance, The 3 new models available have been drafted from a clean sheet

The first model in the line up The Ideal 7 a 415 hp model single Rotary

The Ideal 8 538 hp c/w dual Helix Rotary 4.8 mtr the longest fitted in any combine! The biggest in the business.

The Ideal 9 647 hp the largest combine available also featuring the dual Rotary concept.

 The total concave area now stands at 31% more square  mtr areas than the nearest competitor 

Gone now is the bright Red paintwork that has been adourned to the Massey brand for many decades! Which I think is a great shame, but time moves on and the models are painted in a modern graphite colour.

With a limited number of models released  for 2018, with full roll out on production expected in 2019

There really is high hopes for these combines and I would think everything and the kitchen sink would have been chucked at this being a success, and I really hope to see more of these on the UK harvest fields in the future.


Kind regards

colin cloude