All lined up for Harvest 2009 with a yellow interloper !!?

701 baler in the line up.

A drivers eye view, to the crop.

Colin opening the field Stratton on the fosse Colin named his Combine Dilwyn after the previous owner, who sadly passed away before the machine was restored, his name is sign witten onto the seat as a tribute to his care and attention that enabled the machine to survive until this day!!

Head on shot of colin and 400

over the shoulder shot of friend ivor on colins 400

Barry Taylor at controls of colins 400 unloading on the go into Hillarys 565 and trailer

Ivor puts colins 400 into action, a good side shot!

Hillary at controls on Colins 400 followed by colin and his 525 with a menacing sky backdrop.

A shot of the precious golden grain reaching the 400s tank

There is no video clip yet


04.08.2016 10:09

Linda Chamberlain

Beautiful machines!!!!!!