The fully refurbished Fanning Mill and surround refitted to combine.

This replacement D270 engine acquired from a 788 ,refurbished and repainted and bench ran ready to fit back into combine.

The front wheels receive Andrews preferred earlier off white paint colour.

The refurbished shaker shoe, alongside the original rotted out example.

The stripped out table (header) awaiting its turn in workshop, it will need a considerable amount of work before it's return to the combine, heavy wear on the underside confirms a busy previous life.The new plating of the bed can be seen in this picture.

Work starts on spraying the engine bay with Massey old red paint, next step is to refit the engine.

The refurbished engine is 're fitted to combine, the position of the engine in these combines were less than ideal underneath the elevator, as chaff and dust would quickly build up and was a very real fire risk and would require cleaning off very often during long harvest days!!

Back on its wheels, The paintwork on chassis and upper structure taking shape.

Work now starts on replacing the many pulleys, belts and drive chains!

Andrew takes a break! Bedside his partially rebuilt 780! His Allis Chalmers combine can be seen sharing the same shed space !

Latest photos of Andrews comprehensive 780 restoration.

The repaired 780 hood sits in the workshop after receiving its last of many new coats of Massey old red paint.

Awaiting its return for a second time around.

Andrew on the home run now with his restoration.

Hood and fuel tank 're assembled looking more like a combine again.

Latest work on the 780 table, with its new plated bottom Andrew has sandblasted and added several coats of zinc primer.

All primed up ready for the colour and eventually 're fitting back to combine.

Table reunited with combine, work on the reel / table and painting the many components to complete the table continues.

Out into the early spring sunshine this old maiden of the wheat fields looking every bit as new as she did 58 years ago!!

Work on the reel progressing very well, New timber bats are being made and will be fitted ready for painting.

Workshop shot, the 780 has come a long way in a few short months! With still a way to go, but the journey is nearing completion and this harvest maiden will once again take part in the most important job of helping to feed the world!!


A classic harvest scene.

At this present time Andrew is reaching the later stages of his six month journey!work is continuing on the Table (header).

There really isn't enough hours in the day when you are involved in a project as big as this one! But an eye on the end result makes it very worthwhile on completion.

Still a considerable amount of work will be required to return this one of  the most popular combine models back to the harvest fields hopefully this coming season!

We will of course feature more photos of Andrews finnished combine as we receive them! And of course look forward to seeing it complete another Harest.

Once again a big thank you to Andrew for sharing this restoration story with us on yellowswirl.

Regards Colin


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Hi anyone know where I can get a traction belt for 788 part no 629212m1 ?Thanks Dan