My 525 as found parked up for several years in a shed for a major seed company, this machine cut all manner of crops on a patchwork of trial crops for many years and was also used for seed cleaning, kept under cover all its life, you will notice the rear multiflow not connected, this was never used but amazingly it was kept intact with all the original fixings and even the belt!! the owner actually contacted me to ask if I would be interested in this machine as his foreman had seen an article on my 400 in a magazine and this combine had been replaced by a small trial plot machine several years previously.
After a service and check around and good clean and replacement of the cylinder drive belt the multi flow was reconnected and I used her first in 2010 and subsequently she has been ultra reliable on our small acreage.
She was registered in june 1978.

As found

As found

As found

My 400 as found, this combine came from Gloucestershire a one owner one driver machine very well looked after during its life, in the toolbox it contained everything you would probably need out in the field in emergencies ie spare chain links, spare pin for gear linkage,blades, rivets,knife point, wire, and twine,also a set of brushes for air pre cleaner screen, and radiator, also a few tools, just this alone tells you that the previous owner respected his machine.
This 400 was delivered to farm new, February 1966 although it was registered later, on a 1968 plate, the serial number tells us it was built 9 machines behind Howards 400 so they could of sat on the production line that same day!! who knows. but we do know they were sold by Birds of Gloucester who we have found out only sold 2 400s that year !! so they well could have sat in there yard prior to delivery! quite amazing then we ended up with these pair!.

mf 400

mf 400

Howards 400. I managed to find this 400 for Howard it was less than 7 miles from my 400, but it passed into the hands of a massey ferguson enthusiast and collector who used it for a few years and kept it in good order but decided to offer us the combine as he had several others at that time, these pictures were taken as we collected combine, unfortunately for me at the time I was nursing a badly broken leg !!

Ready for her new home.

Somerset bound !!

Howards 780 special 1958 this combine came from hay on Wye it has a few 788 parts added by previous owner who used it for many years, it hasn't needed a lot of work to be fair just the odd belt and servicing and also it was repainted 4 years ago it was used this season 2014 and also the original owner Tim Price came to visit us and took time out to cut a few acres, the combine ran without any issues.

Howard on his 780 special cutting our wheat crop, Stratton on the fosse 2012

Along shot cutting our spring barley August 2014

Sundown shot !! of Howard

Howards 1953 780 currently under restoration ,this combine came from Burnham on sea it was outside for several years!! and what can only be described as a basket case, full of rust and the wood and canvas had all but rotted away!! I will be doing a full page on this rebuild as it certainly warrants it! more to come.

A rear shot of the newly repaired hood and the grain tank sits on the floor, this combine was originally a bagger.The tank was added at a later date in its working life.

This 780 special 1957/8 was purchased from hay on wye it was originaly intended to break for spares for the other 2 780s but very little has been removed and this combine could well be subject of another restoration?

Side shot showing the very good tin work

Operators platform minus the seat!

Side shotThis was our 1980 750 complete with 14ft freeflow table, we sold this combine in 2013 making way for the 860, this combine came from Wiltshire where it worked for many years alongside another 750 which unfortunately succumbed to fire.
This combine went to breaker Dave Pantrys yard it was hoped that a buyer could be found but sadly that did not happen and parts of the combine has now been broken.

Side shot of 750

750 Harvest 2011

Our 860 a full detailed look at this particular machine and its history in a future page plus some more classic shots of it in action plus film.

Cutting spring barley nr Bath August 2013

Close up shots of Colins 525

Side shot of this Kilmarnock survivor.

10 Ft cut super 2 table.

Rear view of 525 all present and correct

the latest edition to the collection 1967 massey 410 6ft 6 cut a local combine that has been parked up in a shed for over 24 yrs

On her way to a new home just a few short miles away!


12.04.2020 20:30


I have a donar mf 750 silver cab email

20.03.2020 14:32

Theuns corver

bought a MF 750 would like to know if Ican buy parts from you or where could I find parts if needed please eg. the sives and strawwalker cranckshafts

01.01.2018 15:02

Paul Hore

Hi Guys, Happy New Year, Ive just purchased a 1973 MF760 Mk1 (with single ladder rail) but Im trying to track down a decal kit as I need to replace a few on her, any help would be awsome

21.04.2017 07:53


Would anyone have a wobble box for h reg 410

22.10.2016 14:06

robert fearnley

MF 750 £350 for scrap! real shame as ran lovely but no interest MF165 l reg made £5600 and agem of a power major very genuine made £800

23.10.2016 23:23

Colin Cloude

Thank you Robert! Another one cut up that would still do a days work! What a shame, obviously plenty of money in the arable market today for expensive combines!?

16.10.2016 09:35

robert fearnley

Peter Crichton is auctioneer company.It has 14 ffot header and powerflow.It has been covered up in a barn for many years

16.10.2016 22:00

Colin cloude

Thank you Robert, just when you think these combines have all but disappeared, another one turns up! Hope it gets to a good home?

14.10.2016 23:15

robert fearnley

750 for sale in auction at wickhambrook in suffolk 22 oct been mothballed for years

15.10.2016 21:47

Colin cloude

Hi Robert.
Thank you for getting in touch about this 750! Have you any more details of the auctioneers?
Regards Colin cloude

02.07.2015 20:59


I have for sale a grain bin and auger for a 788 if interested email me

07.07.2015 23:32


Thank you Mark! I will pass message on!

09.05.2015 10:54

Pete Small

Great to see the old Masseys once popular here. Would you consider bringing something to our farming heritage show at Cupar, Fife on Sun June 7th Malting Barley the theme old combines scarce up here

10.05.2015 22:04


Totally understandable Colin but no harm in asking you never know!

10.05.2015 11:36

Colin Cloude

Thank you Pete,! A bit of a trip to Fife unfortunately, but best of luck with your Show, Send us some photos!! Regards Colin

02.04.2015 15:20


Well done for your radio plug from Essex

02.04.2015 15:06


Bristol here, heard you on Jeremy vine, You will now be busy!!! Photos, try ACDsee, Good software; Good luck

02.04.2015 14:59

Wayne G

We heard you on the radio ! Booty machines!

02.04.2015 14:58


Just heard you again on Jeremy vine ! I'm off the moor ! .... Exford !
Just wanted to say I bet you get inundated now ! Happy excavating ! Xx

02.04.2015 14:56

Radio Listener

Just heard you on the radio! Good luck sorting out your photos!

30.03.2015 11:51


Great site, some cracking machines! I am looking for an early Massey that I can drive on the road with the header attached. Do you have any advice on model and / or where I can find a good one? Alfie

31.03.2015 20:41

colin cloude

Alfie, Tractor publications various magazines, e-bay,farmers guide! But it might be a while to find an 8ft cut!! .it will need patience!! For sure. Regards Colin

31.03.2015 11:23


Colin Thanks. An 8ft 6 400 would be perfect, but happy to go older as size is key. Where would you start looking? A

30.03.2015 19:44

Colin Cloude

Alfie you would be ok with a 10ft cut!! The 400 is my favourite!! If you are very lucky sometimes once in a blue moon!! You can find an 8ft 6 cut based on a 400 series or if you prefer an older 780! I