Third Machine Joins Fleet

Norfolk agricultural contractor Robert White has recently added an additional 865 to his existing two machine business,.

veteran of the American harvest fields and past Dale Starks  crew member Rob has  a long relationship with these Brantford built models stretching back to 1979 when he joined Dales custom  cutting business and now 37 years later  it's Robs choice of combine today.

Rob tells yellowswirl that the offer of an additional combine came out of the blue at the end of July through another contractor who also runs these combines.

What made this purchase  interesting was the combine was a late build red top model, built 1987 in Brantford and is only nine serial numbers from the last one ever built there before its closure in 1988.

The combine came from Rutland, and as Rob said its not in mint condition but   won't take a lot of work to bring back into harvest order, Rob waisted no time into buying this combine as he said they are getting few and far between now and finding a late build one is a big bonus as  it has all the modifications that came with these later models the 85 series.

Also another bonus is its fitted with the Dronningbourg 18ft header the table of personal choice for Rob and many others!.

Although harvest was  only a few short days away Rob spent some time getting the newcomer working to try out in his crops to enable assessment of  it's true condition While  under load in crop.

Rob points out that he manages very well with his two 865s on the acreage he cuts, but the idea of having a backup machine or extra capacity during a catchy season is something  that many don't have  running one single high capacity machine.

So it looks like these Candian built survivors future is safe  in the capable hands of Rob, and  a cost conscious way of  contracting in  these times of very tight margins for the farming industry..

A big thank you to Rob who has shared this story with us at Yellowswirl.

Also Fred Southgate for the stunning pictures using a Drone camera ship .

Photos copyright Fred Southgate.


A stunning shot this with Robs latest combine far left coming up the rear in a field of oats and a stunning sky backdrop
Picture copyright Fred Southgate.

A view you would never normally see, a 54 ft cut through this Norfolk field .
Copyright Fred Southgate

A perfect harvest scene captured on a very hot August afternoon.
Copyright Fred Southgate

A birds eye view, resembling a scene from The Yellow Trail From Texas!
Copyright Fred Southgate

Norfolk contractor Robert White who has many years experience stateside and here in the UK operating these Brantford built combines.


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