On our way home with the table!

Massey 515 Table

The quick attach 12 ft table would of been standard for the 515 although I have seen them with 14 ft tables in the past.

As you can imagine with years of inactivity everything would need a gentle coaxing back to life, a thorough clean off to start with then a check around for any play around bearings, a renewal of oil in the wobble box , the various belts look in good order and thankfully they were slackened off which helps in their longevity and being enclosed within guards it keeps them safe.

the reel has all of its tines and Auger fingers plus the Auger tube is without damage or dents which shows it's not had harsh treatment in a stoney area!  
several of the knife sections will need replacing but the knife fingers are all present and in good order.

one odd thing is that all of the table skids on table bottom had been removed? Which is not ideal as they protect the table bottom from wear plus connected to the Automatic table height control on combine which is now inoperable and means the operator has to use eye co ordination.

After a thorough clean and grease up of all the nipples and some chain lubrication oil it's nearly time to connect her up to the combine which hasn't happened for many years.

The table sits on a original Massey table trailer but this one has been modified it has been cut down and adapted the longer drawbar removed! It would originally been fitted behind the combine so the kneck would of been a lot longer.
The original clamps are there and fully working thankfully.

The original serial number badge on table

Years of dust decorate the surfaces!

The badly oxidised guards showing the pink primer underneath !

A new part that was probably fitted when the combine resided at its first home in wiltshire

Connection is complete! A trial run through of hydraulics resulted in a reel lift ram blowing! Once again just an aged related issue.

The first run up with table attached and checking around on a steady idle !

My cat Dinky casts a critical eye over the work carried out!

Pretty much up together now ! The reel speed diverter had to be lubricated and one other job outstanding a sand down of the wheel rims and some new paint! Just to tidy her up! I use Matbro yellow for this job it’s not the correct colour but I feel it looks better.
There is an underlying issue with the multiflow slip clutch but I’m hoping it will be ok for this harvest! And either a replacement or work to repair it for next season .

Part 3 we see the 515 take to the harvest field once again!