Vintage Massey

In this section we have a selection of photos from the Past.

My grateful thanks to everyone who have posted or sent in these photos for us all to enjoy.

Local company N Yeoman who operated a large fleet of Massey equipment including Industrials.
2 410s and a 780 harvesting here probably late sixties!
Photo courtesy of Roger Yeoman

Unloading on the go!
Photo Roger Yeoman

The two 410s Cutting out a section with the back of the 780 to the right.
Photo Roger Yeoman

This 400 unloads into a trailer pulled by a Popular Massey 65 MK1 Tractor.

This 1965 400 series looks like it’s being demonstrated here for a customer!?

This early Massey Ferguson bagger being put through its paces in a crop of oats here! Note the height and density of the crop in those days!.

This Marquette built 535 at work .

Cracking shot here of a custom cutter at work stateside.early sixties. Probably Super 90 models!

Our neighbour Contractor Rex Wales cutting our Wheat with one of his 3 Combines, this one is a 1966 500 photo took by myself in 1974 I was running the trailers , combine operated by the Late Ted Gillam

My 1966 400 her first taste of crop after a 15 month restoration, picture taken September 2008

Andrew Blagg’s fine 780 restoration seen here completing the 2017 harvest.

Andrew Blagg’s most recent restoration this Massey Harris 21 a UK machine. Cutting some wheat in August 2017 ! After many years parked up.

This early 750 with the fabric grain tank covers busy here in the UK 1976 registered Combine

A 1976 registered New 625 seen here on her first harvest.

Stateside and a custom cutter on route to begin the great American harvest! Probably early sixties shot!

Tim Webs beautiful 735 bagger in action after a nut and bolt restoration.

Another classic scene here restored 415 and 175 on trailer duties.

This 187 seen here still cutting in Ireland!

Another classic in the Andrew Blaggs collection, this mint condition 892 this model was the biggest model offered by Massey in its day and is somewhat rare today now in the UK as they were built for a very short space of time as the 500 series were also becoming available in numbers.

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