A full on shot of red top combine number 2!

Getting stuck in to this crop of volume winter barley!

The business end of the 865 the Dronningbourg 18ft power flow table seen here in action!!

An unusual shot of the reel against the perfect harvest sky! Pictures courtesy of Chris Hodgson.

Rob and photographer Sandy Cox enjoy a chat about the days events!.

Chris leads the pack in the late July summer heat!! Pictures courtesy of Chris Hodgson.

Hillary and Phil lining up to offload on the go, everything running like clockwork!!

Rear shot of the four Brantford survivors, moving across this hot dust laden Darlington Barley field.

The last supper! The team get together for a late afternoon tea on the last day the barley harvest completed! From left bottom!! Colin, Barry, Phil, right top Rob, Thomas, Hillary, and the lovely Alison, Chris taking the photo. Another very busy day!!

These are the last few shots of our Darlington Harvest captured here by Chris Hodgson, the boys queuing up to sample yet more delectable delights from Alison and the chuck wagon !.

Rear early morning shot of the patiently waiting combines.

Another day beckons, for these Darlington machines, there working lives continue!!

This is the final shot of the team at Darlington, Barry, Hillary, Colin, Chris, Rob, and Phil taking the picture.


This brings to an end our trip to Darlington, without doubt none of this story would of been possible without a great deal of work by Chris, Phil, and Alison, for there hospitality and kindness also brother Thomas who came to help on combines, the work involved in preparing just one of these old girls for harvest is enough! but multiply that by 4 and you can imagine the dedication it takes, but as Chris points out these Combines do him proud every harvest and he and them will retire together.            I would also like to take the oportunity to thank my friends Barry Taylor Hillary Pugsley, And Robert White ,when i approached the idea of going to Darlington to help Chris run these four combines despite all of our busy lives there was no hesitation count us in!! Rob brought a special feel to the occasion after all his experiences working the harvests stateside, and when the combining finnished at night Rob would recall many experiences he had as a young man operating these machines across that vast country.                                                                                            We are all very gratefull for the media coverage from Classic Tractor, Tractor and Machinery, and also The Farmers Weekly who sent out Photographers to capture this event, Dave Bowers and Sandy Cox for their patience in catching the right shots also Mark Oliver.                       I hope you have enjoyed this story and the subsequent photographs and film clips!  Thank You Colin Cloude