Wrecks and Relics !!

Over the years whilst using and restoring our combines the spares situation is not as plentifull now as it was even a decade ago despite the thousands of machines built at Kilmarnock and Brantford,most combine breakers have little in the way of spares for 400/500 models and with that in mind whenever you hear of someone breaking a combine its worth the trip to salvage practicaly anything! to be honest on our small acreage the chance of using any of these spares is quite small ie gear box, wobble box, hy-dl pump,spare walker, but these parts would be vital to keep if only to gather dust but essential to keep these machines working in the future.

I have visited many places in order to remove parts from machines some combines should  never of been broken as they were in mint condition but as now they are not really collectable because they can only be used for one job, they are a headache to store and move from a-to b but they were an essential piece of farm life and we are proud to keep these few machines back to highlight what has been an amazing journey through harvesting history.

Dismantling a combine isnt a very nice job i have done several and more often than not sustained cuts bruises and even minor burns!! but if you need specific parts it has to be done by hand with the use of a gas axe (oxy-cetlyne) .With the high price of scrap metal this last 2 /3yrs many machines have gone to china to probably return as frying pans or such like but for sure the items remade from there metal will probably live on as recycling is the the way of the world now.

These are a few photos of some machines that were used for spares unfortunately i never photographed all the machines that i visited.

This 410 was in a field in South Moulton Devon, I removed several parts table skids,steps,various guard catches, the combine was minus its engine it had broken down in that spot many years previous and was used for head scratching among the local herd !!

This Brantford built 750 was located near Weston Super Mare it has been scrapped now it was laid up for several years outside !

This machine is not a wreck! but a working combine a very rare Massey 892 very rare in uk I would certainly like it in our collection !!but I will make do with these shots as its in very good hands today.

Side shot of lovely 892.

Rear shot of 892.

This 515 had been stored outside for some time but was in reasonably good condition, it belonged to a collector in Devon we had hoped to secure a deal on this machine but unfortunately at that time we never had any suitable storage.
But we have learnt a home was found some time later and the machine wasn't broken.

Front shot of 515

This 1980 525 super 2 was one of 2 machines I broke for spares, this machine had been used to cut 50 acres a year for many years but the main drum bearings had failed also a broken shaker shoe shaft sealed its fate, the engine was sold on to be fitted to an excavator.

Its working life done another Kilmarnock machine awaits its fate! nr Bath Somerset

This 1978 525 had sat outside for 17 yrs used for spares to keep another 525 operating , most of the usefull parts were removed and the rest cut up.

Hood ,walkers and multiflow removed cutting through centre section lifting with front loader.

Rear section removed.

Front stripped off section.

The 6 cylinder A6-354 perkins engine removed complete with tailshaft pully, this engine went on to power a 360 excavator it had less than 3000 hrs recorded

Rear of combine removed, the straw walkers were too damaged to be salvaged.

Remains of combine, and foreman Moss looks on !!

Forward section, middle stripped out.

This sad looking 855 is parked where it broke down nr Bristol, unfortunately after failure of the hydro transmission!! the combine has sat here for 5 years, unfortunately the owner has decided not to do anything with it apart from leaving it to the elements.

This 1984 built machine awaits its fate!!

Rear shot of 855

The header left up in defiance, this machine will now only be good for some parts and scrap, as the elements would of taken its toll on panels tank,and possibly grain pan.

This unfortunate 760 is somewhat of a national landmark in Wiltshire, it has been parked in the same spot by a main road for over twenty years! to the best of my knowledge, the elements have taken there toll on this one time work horse!

The combine is minus its engine, for what reason anybody would want to leave a piece of machinery as this on there farm just rusting away and know use to anybody is quite beyond me!!

This 1980 model for sure has seen her last harvest!!

The Massey table has buckled in on itself!!

The crop lifters still hang from the steps, and the combine has settled in to the Wiltshire chalk.

This 780 special belongs to us it was originaly intended to use it as a source for spares for the other 2 780s but the condition of the panel work and the very little work it would take to put back in harvest order has prevented us from stripping off anymore items!!

Another future project!? well this 1957/8 special probably lives on, Howard may be persuaded to sell to a fellow collector!!

With its faded paintwork, the hood and panels are in incredible condition.

Looking down on this old lady from Kilmarnock!! fitted with perkins l4.

Unfortunately this 788 had suffered some considerable damage, a case for spares!!

Front shot reveals all pretty straight.

This 510 which had seen a lot of work! had some rust issues around the hood, it had been fitted in its early working life with a proto type straw chopper !! thankfully it found a new home with a collector in Ireland

510 arguably one of the best combine models built by massey.

510 and 12 ft table.

I was invited down to Dorset to look at this 510 which had sat in this shed since 1979! Never turning a wheel, unfortunately the open shed was south west facing and the weather had blown in and taken the inevitable toll on the tin work! Also the Perkins 6 cylinder was stuck solid, the metal on the combine was as brittle as egg shell!! It was a great shame !.

The current owner had hoped for a restoration, but it was far to gone sadly!

The 510! Probably one of the best models of these early Masseys.!!

I was asked to go and look at this very late 525 several years ago, although stored undercover it had received a hard life as can be seen by the bodywork also when ran up it was suffering from severe vibration possibly drum bearings or countershaft problems , the rear end had received a lot of battle damage unfortunately, it was destined for the scrap man unfortunately which was a great shame because the serial number confirmed it was the ninth combine from the last built at Kilmarnock!!

Multi flow guard has taken quite a beating!!!

Front of combine looking better, note the grey wheel rims also the top handrail extension added around the operator station, this was added on later built models as a health and safety addition!! Unfortunately I heard of more than one occasion when folding up the access steps the top rail would dip down and push the manual gear selector lever in gear, and if combine was running it could prove disastrous!! And such an incident happened in a mf dealers yard when the combine was being pdi before delivery, and it careered into a tractor doing substantial damage!! But thankfully not injuring anyone, alterations were soon made to prevent this happening again.

This 515 minus the multi flow was up for sale in 2014 unfortunately it had suffered considerable hood damage!! ,although the tin work looked pretty free from any serious rust issues!!

Certainly worthy of a restoration !!

This combine was sold! Not sure of its fate though !!?

12ft table all there probably not seen action for a while!!

This is Chris Hodgsons no 3 combine as featured in the Durham harvest trail!! Operated by Barry Taylor, this is it arriving from Lincolnshire certainly not a wreck!! But it needed a lot of Tlc !!And it certainly got it!.

Another view of no 3!! Arriving at Darlington.

Howard Coles 1953 780 as found in the hedgerow!! Now under restoration see (The Combines) section!!

Any old Iron !!??

Howard's 701 baler as found!! Now restored see 701 baler section!!

Please if anyone has any photos of combine wrecks or relics!! Any make, if you would like to email me pictures I will list them on this section!! Regards Colin.  Cloudejake@aol.com


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stringhini antonio

cerco ventola motore 6354 mietitrebbia mf 520

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Good site. Am looking for a 6 cylinder A6-354 Perkins engine in good running condition for MF 55O combine

24.08.2018 19:22

Colin cloude

Thank you !
Contact Dave Pantry in the UK
Mobile number 07775927581.
He might be able to ship one !
Regards colin

19.08.2015 20:25

andy blagg

Hi could i have an e mail address so i can forward some pics

18.08.2015 22:57

andy blagg

Just bought a lovely m f 892 hoping to use it and my allis model a to cut wheat

19.08.2015 06:32

Colin Cloude

Hi Andy, send some pictures in if you can! I will feature at a later date! Colin