After many months of painstaking work Andys 70 yr old maiden of the harvest fields starts looking like she did many many years ago before she started her long working life.

The refurbished hood afitted nd tank fitted and the various pulleys and belts and chains complete with new bearings will follow.

Pushed outside after many months of sitting in Andys workshop still plenty of work to do!

Coming together in the early spring sunshine, the grain elevators and Air pre cleaner box now fitted.
As the build progresses Andy turns his attention to the 14 ft Table (header) with very much fabricating to carry out, as would be expected, the table bottom is wafer thin as expected from its previous busy life, a whole new underside plate will be used as patching the worst bits isn't an option on a rebuild of this magnitude.

The very basic seating arrangemen ready to return to the harvest fields again.t sits proudly upon the new wooden operators platform ready for its next operator.

With all the fabrication carried out Andy puts the colour on the table frame and underside, and begins the task of rebuilding the reel assembly and knife drive, and new wooden reel bats.

Table fingers and reel arms framework added.

New wooden crop guide board ready to fit.

After several months of hard work the reel complete with new hardwood bats is offered up to the reel framework and secured

The last 12 months of painstaking work has resulted in a very worthy restoration of what must be one of the most iconic self propelled combine harvesters The Massey Harris Model 21

The 14ft Table (header) is taken off after initial running up of new components, the combine even has its own purpose built trolley for Header.

Andy's combine is now waiting for only a couple of parts, one being a belt not available here in the UK but He is very optimistic that the combine will be ready in August to cut some wheat and this will be a major achievement as the combine hasn't seen any action for many many years.
We have been invited along to capture the action and hope to bring you some film and photos in September.

These are the latest photos from Andrew of the finished combine.

Ready for some work and local shows and a very fine job Andy and his small team have made of this restoration.

A fitting tribute to Harvests past!

Running alongside Andy's Earler restoration Massey 780 special. Back where they both belong in the harvest field.

Andy's MH 21 back into the harvest field 2017

Massey Harris 21

Once again I would like to say a big thank you to Andy and his small team who have worked  very hard to save a very rare now in the UK MH21.

There is no doubt this model combine was paramount  in starting the evolution of crop harvesting on a road which has brought us the ability to keep the growing worlds population free from hunger!

Very few inventions over the last 100 yrs has been this important.

Kind regards

colin cloude


27.06.2019 08:14

Charles Hart

Excellent restoration of both combines and excellent pictures too!

26.06.2017 15:51

Ashley Vincent

Brilliant restoration!