Custom Cutting in New Zealand!!

The following photos feature Cameron's 760 in action plus his friends Andy and close neighbours who all run these old Brantford built machines! And with the global commodity price of grain! It just makes perfect sense!!.

Looking resplendent with its new paint job and tackling this 3 ton per acre crop of Barley!

Cameron and Andy have built up a good reputation in their area harvesting , and despite the age of their combines hope to continue to offer a reliable cost effective service for many seasons to come!!

Cameron's good friend Andy's truck for grain carting and pulling header trailers!

The faint customary exhaust plume points to the 760s!! Andy and Cameron's combines in full swing.

Side shot of the two 760s in action!!

The precious golden grain reaches the tank on this 1978 760

Pulling along side this Volvo truck ready to unload the grain!

Close up shot of the18ft Brantford built header!

This Volvo is kept very busy during harvest keeping the two 760s in action!!

This 1974 760 in very fine condition helps out on the larger acreage!! Still earning its keep every year! This one belongs to Cameron and Andy's friend and neighbour John Conlon, who also cuts acreage under contract for various small farms.

It's very hard to believe this combine is now 41 years old!!?

A very useful combination at harvest time!

This 865 belongs to a very near neighbour who has ran it since the mid nineties! The combine was built in 1986 and is one of only 30 combines built at Brantford then of this series before it's closure.

Heading off to do the job they were built for still!!

The Last shot here of Cameron proudly aboard his lady in red! Another harvest completed, and hopefully many more to come!!


Can I say a big thank you to Cameron and his family and friends for sharing their story and photos to list on this site, it's no surprise to us that these Masseys are still performing down there in their capable hands, and we hope it continues for many more years to come!!


If you have any pictures of Massey combines working anywhere in the world!! And would like to share them with us please get in touch, Thank you.