Damp straw and rusty table auger and surfaces equal blockages!! Rob takes it all in his stride! !The Following pictures courtesy of Dave Bowers.

Colin off loads another 4 ton!!

Colin and Barry making belt adjustments to Barrys combine no 3

Rob attends to a shredded hydraulic pump drive belt!!

A scene not so common in the uk today, Chris Colin Barry, and Rob cut a 72 ft swathe through this Darlington barley field!!

The Brantford legacy lives on in Darlington !!

Fading light shot, unloading and one approaching!!

Shot from Colins cab Barry and Rob prepare for another run.

Cab shot of no1 unloading.

Alison delivers supper to field day one, Tuna lasagne garlic bread applecake and ice cream !!and all the tea you could shake a stick at! A harvest supper if i ever had one for sure.

The team enjoying there supper !!

Rear shot of combines after shutdown day 1

The boys off for a wash and a Beer !!

Day 2 lined up for a busy day!!

Early morning shot!!

A good shot of Rob during morning check around!!

Grain cart ready for another busy day!!

Red top no 2 awaits another busy day!!

Cab shot from Colins cab, Barry in full flight!!

Barry offloading on the go!!

Alison on hand with the chuck wagon for refreshments!!

This picture of Colin and red top courtesy of Chris Hodgson!!

Combine No1 Chris offloads in the heat of the afternoon sun.

More photos

More photos Durham harvest 3


12.06.2017 03:27


Colin you are a true Massey Ferguson Patriot. Thanks from your friend Gary Berry. Wheat County site FB

18.06.2017 08:54

Colin Cloude

Thank you Gary , I guess it's very important to highlight what was the most successful farm machinery company in the World! and I'm very proud to do it.
Kind Regards Colin