This pre 1958 super 26 (780)Massey Harris was abandoned here when it was a field !! The resulting 35 years and growth all around has sealed its fate !!

The tin work looks reasonable considering its time in this forest!!

It's harvesting days long gone !!

Derelict remains of a Clipper trailed combine, supporting the local wildlife !!

This 525 at Northampton has been partially stripped for parts !

This abandoned 865 in Hampshire had the contents of the cab stripped out, but the v8 engine was still intact! The combine had sat here for several years.

This early fifties Massey Harris 780 has been taken into restoration in 2014! By Ashley Vincent and friends, and will be subject to a full rebuild, well done chaps !!

Plenty to do!! But she looks good.

On a recent road trip across the state's my colleague Howard Coles snapped this very tidy 510 looking for a new home !!

She looks very sharp!!

Looks like this old girl has been used as a farm run about !!
Pictures courtesy of Howard Coles

This 8560 now a parts ship!!

I'm not sure if this is a good way to empty the grain tanks!!?

How did this happen?? Shocking!!

Better get a shovel and some bags!! Hope the operator walked from this !?

The Last Harvest for this Brantford 550!!

Fire damaged 8590 ,a source of precious spares!!

This 510 lies amongst other Masseys patiently waiting there fate in this South Dakota breakers yard! Note the paintwork! The climate here is kinder than Europe on the tin work!!

This 515 sits alongside this Fenland track, its harvesting days long gone !!

A selection of Masseys seen here in the UK biggest combine breakers John Manners in Northumberland.

John Manners combine breakers!! As seen from Google earth!! 350 combines!!

wrecks and Relics 3

To be Continued !!