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31. Mar, 2021

Paul Goucher

Quantity of MF Training school handouts for 750/760 combines,also hydraulics and repair schedule papers,all genuine Training school paperwork for 400 and 500 combines. Small quantity of 726 780 parts available

Website 17. Mar, 2019

sean cooke

fantastic site

21. Oct, 2018


Hi. I’m about to purchase a 400 combine. The one I’ve looked at has a twelve foot header unit. What’s best method to remove the head for transport. ??. Advice would be very welcome.

Website 30. May, 2018


This is a great site.

Website 27. Apr, 2018


La cosa più bella di una persona non è l'aspetto, ma il cuore e la personalità.

Website 2. Mar, 2018


What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!

26. Dec, 2017

Adam Bacon-17 years old

very interesting to see that there are some combine enthusiasts. i have just purchased a 400 that has been shut away in a barn for the last 7 years. hoping to get her working again. i am still debating whether to go for a re spray or keep her original.
previously i got a clayson 1540 and got her back into working life. very interesting to read some of the articles on the 400's on here. nice to see a group of people like me trying to save these old girls from the scrap man.

Website 17. Aug, 2017


Thank you for your great work and useful information on your site!

Website 3. Aug, 2017


Very nice blog and articles. I am realy very happy to visit your blog. Now I am found which I actually want. I check your blog everyday and try to learn something from your blog. Thank you and waiting for your new post.

Website 29. Jul, 2017


Felice fine settimana! Divertiti

Website 19. Nov, 2016

Colin Cloude

Nicholas thank you very much for getting in touch and sending picture of your mint 410! I'm very glad to see a young man interested in these classic machines.

Kind regards colin

19. Nov, 2016

Nicolas, 18 years old

Hello from France, I have a Massey Ferguson 410 built in UK ( seems to me ?, it's a 410-7 ) complete with wheat and corn header. It's a great machine, I have get out this summer, she did not have run from 6 years. I have a vidéo :


Your website are great, I love MF 860, but it's very rare in France ;)

1. May, 2016

Lemaire Emiel


Nice website you have there. Here some news from Belgium. I love the big old combines from my youth, and so I gathered 5 old combines, and also 5 tractors from the 60's and 70's. Here a picture of some of them, an MF 892 and 510, and a Claas Matador Giant.
There's also a Claas Mercur and a Claeys M103. They are all cutting some acres each harvest, except the 892. Both the MF's could use a restauration. But who will do this job?

About the tractors, it started with a Muir-Hill 121, then came a Ford 8000, County 654 and two MF 1200, one from your country.

Please let me some news from your activities.

Many greetings,

Emiel Lemaire

Herdebeekstraat 42

1701 Dilbeek


14. Jan, 2016

Markku Varo


Website 31. May, 2015


I also like this website a lot, it looks very good. i was looking for <a href="http://www.xpexplorer.com" title="http://www.xpexplorer.com">www.xpexplorer.com</a> but stumbled upon your website. im very happy with it.

2. Apr, 2015

Colin Cloude

Thank you all for your kind comments!! This site is dedicated to the machinery, the workers past and present, who never fail to deliver, despite the changing times in this beleaguered industry, to keep us all fed!! Thank you!

2. Apr, 2015


Hey! Heard your website on the radio. It's very interesting and never knew there was so much stuff about combines.

I hope you get your photos organised.

King Regards,


2. Apr, 2015


Loving the website - you were great on Jeremy Vine! :) Have a good day!

2. Apr, 2015

PD Long

Great stuff!

16. Jan, 2015

marin cole

Hi colin

Great to see your brilliant web site.Iam the proud owner of three classic massey combines a 1964 500, 1981 525 super 2 and a 1985 865 they are all still used each year with the older two only cutting a small acerage , but i cut about 200 acres a year with the
865. They were all featured in classic tractor last year when we organised a vintage working day for charity.Will send you serial numbers at a later date, keep up the good work regards martin cole

hi colin

26. Nov, 2014

Ray Hogben

An excellent site, it is good to see the collection of MF machines that you have been able to save from probable destruction and it is even better to see them working. My introduction to the world of Combines was also watching them at work in tbe sixties
on the farm where we lived. This was followed by a five year apprenticeship with an MF Dealership in Canterbury here in Kent where combines were part of the diet of machinery that we dealt with, I left when the company closed down in the early seventies so
the newest machines that I worked on were the 525 and it's brethren.

11. Nov, 2014

Colin Cloude

We are currently putting together a Database of UK registered 700/800 series Canadian machines, courtesy of Rob White, if you run one of these please get in touch. Thank you