A cracking shot here!! A 2009 John Deere 9770sts sits burnt out, and the surrounding 60 acres also did not escape the inferno!!

Still smouldering!! And surrounded by spectators!!.

A depressingly not uncommon site today!!

Another Lexion here! In the uk, off to the breakers!!

Very few salvageable parts on here because of the intense heat.

Help is on hand for this New Holland!! Although. Probably to late to save the machine!!

This tractor and Heston baler well away!!

One on fire!! And still the harvest continues!!

Combine left to burn out!! Note combine uloading into a chaser bin behind!!

This Massey 487 lies on the Somerset Wiltshire border near a main road, I have seen it gradually disappear for many years !!

The countryside gradually consuming this mechanical marvel!!

Another Class here in distress! Note the cultivated ring around burning combine prevents fire spreading! Photo Chris Page.

A closer shot of the stricken Class

Fires are not restricted to Combines! This Krone Big X is well away cutting whole crop wheat ! The field has also started to burn.

This field of Barley alight! Caused by a combine fire!

This John Deere well lit, plus the surrounding field!

Dampen down the area! That's all that can be done for this combine!

This1948 Massey Harris 222 reaper Thresher stood here in the open for 35 years!! In Alberta Canada!! But was rescued by Lenwood Holo, who spent 2 years returning it into the machine below!!

Many parts were made by himself in this huge restoration!! When asked why he restored the combine? His simple reply I want to save some history!! Much respect to you Sir!!

This abandoned Massey super 26 with mud paddles fitted to wheels!! Pictured in Kansas.

This abandoned Massey super 26 with mud paddles fitted to wheels!! Pictured in Kansas.