450s Excavator!

I am seeking a Massey 450s Excavator! For a possible restoration project!! 

Running order if possible!! Please contact Colin 07860 281755

Thank you!

After several years searching for a suitable machine to carry out a restoration! I found this one that came up for Auction in Cambridgeshire December 2016

Looking pretty good for a 43 year old Excavator.

Although looking pretty straight this old girl will require a lot of work to bring it back into top working condition!
I will post further information during the year of the stages required.


08.05.2022 02:01

J. Anderson

We have a around a 1970 we put it on a job 2 weeks ago

08.05.2022 01:59

J. Anderson

I'm wondering how many of the 450s are left in the U.S. Does anyone know?

29.01.2022 13:09


Hi is it for sale please

27.08.2019 08:37

William hanna

Hello i was wondering what oil flow has a masse y 450 s track digger got thanks

05.09.2017 12:07


I have a MF 450s, interested? location i norway.

30.03.2022 09:55

Colin cloude

Tom have you still got that 450 s?
Regards Colin

18.04.2017 12:17


hi lads

there is one on https://www.donedeal.ie/plantmachinery-for-sale/massey-digger/15260294

08.01.2017 22:57

Colin cloude

Thank you Kenny! But Canada is quite away From GB!
Regards Colin

03.12.2016 01:17

Kenny Marlin

I live in Hemmingford Quebec 40 miles south of Montreal near the N.Y. border. Asking $10,000.00 could send more pictures if you need. 1-450-247-3497

02.12.2016 05:50

kenny marlin

have one,running good,worked with it today : much better shape than your pic

02.12.2016 19:29

Colin Cloude

Kenny can you email me!