Drone footage of 865s

The following footage is of Norfolk contractor Rob Whites 865s captured in action summer 2016.

film is copyright of Fred Southgate.

These two clips show a very different perspective of these classic combines while they go about their work.

Rob has just added a third combine to his normal two combine operation and this particular combine shown to the farthest side of the formation was the ninth from the end of production at the Canadian Brantford factory.

Rob hopes to keep these iconic combine harvesters in action for hopefully many more seasons to come, and we wish him every success with that.

This film is a striking new view of these now vintage combines, a scene you will now not expect to find.
Film copyright of Fred Southgate.

A Big thanyou to Rob White for sharing these clips of film to Yellowswirl , running these combines in this tight formation isn't easy! and was done for filming purposes, the dust thrown up by the Combines following to close quickly causes problems with blocking oil cooler and coolant radiators.
Also a very big thank you to Fred Southgate who took the film with his Drone, superb coverage of these iconic Combines.
Copyright Fred Southgate.