17. Mar, 2020

Massey Ferguson 415 combine.

I’m currently seeking a Massey 415 combine! Must be complete with multi flow .
For restoration and adding into my collection for working days and preservation for the future .
Contact Colin 07860 281755
Thank you!

New Zealand custom harvester Cameron McKay gets set to tackle this seasons harvest all ready here for the crops and improving weather.

The 2019 New Zealand Harvest gets underway !

18. Dec, 2018

Harvest 2018

Check out pics from Harvest 2018

Coming up in September some pictures of harvest 2018

A very welcomed visitor to us here in Somerset this Summer. Was Charlie Norman .
Charlie who for many years worked for Stateside Custom Cutter Dale Starks.
Dale who died in 2007 was still harvesting into his eighties after a lifetime of custom cutting.
Charlie is featured in a book named Starks Harvesters along with book author Rob White.
An excellent read.
A big thank you to Charlie for taking the trouble to visit us here, it was a great pleasure to meet you.

As the great Harvest commences stateside, we have recived reports of very bad conditions in the south of Texas, thousands of acres have either been ploughed up or cut for fodder subject to poor growing conditions throughout the season.
Unfortunately not only Texas has suffered but other states further North have not escaped the poor season.
All of us here hope everyone has a safe harvest and that something can be salvaged from this very difficult season.
Regards Colin

Many Massey parts available now from this well respected ex Massey Dealerships closing down retirement sale.
Contact Cliff Arter UK 01227 831356

One of the Many !

19. Jan, 2018

The first NZ 760

Check this out.

The New Zealand Harvest is now underway! Cameron McKay pictured here cutting his winter Barley.

Australian Cutters.

I am still currently seeking Australian Massey Combine owners Vintage or Modern! 

If you have any stories or photos from Australia I would be very pleased to share them on here.

Thank You

Colin Cloude

Massey Combines The Future.

11. Sep, 2017

Checkout the latest models available from Agco

Massey Harris 735 Restoration

Checkout the latest story on yellowswirl a comprehensive restoration of this quite rare model now!


Yellowtrail from Texas

Can anyone help me obtain the Yellow Trail from Texas DVD ! Featuring Custom Cutter Dale Starks For Nick Parsons who features in the Longest Journey! On this website.

Any Help much appreciated 

Colin Cloude

Massey 24 Cultivator

13. Dec, 2016

A small restoration carried out this year of my Bomford Superflow chisel plough

Custom Cutters!

If you we're involved with Custom or Contracting cutting using Massey Combines in the past and you would like to share your story with us at Yellowswirl I would be very happy to hear from you.

My email address is cloudejake@aol.com or through the website.

Thank You.

10. Dec, 2016

Massey Graveyard

Check out a graveyard for Massey Combines in the UK

Many thanks to Former owner of our 860 combine John Lawson right pictured here with Bill Scott salesman for Peacock and Binnington taking delivery of the two last 860s sold in the UK in 1987.
Our 860 is the nearest one in the picture, Thank you John.

20. Jun, 2016

A VIP tribute!

Check out this tribute to a very special visitor we received in Somerset.


The future success of yellowswirl relies on the many individuals who have already  contributed , sharing their photographs and experiences, if you have a story or photos you would like to share with others good or bad!! Please get in touch. cloudejake @aol.com


24.01.2017 17:37

David Cowcill

I own a TED20, so found your site when "browsing" I want to use some of your images, especially TED20's with cabs for a wind-up of a friend in the motor industry. Photo credit to whom please?

24.01.2017 22:34

Colin cloude

David feel free to use the images of our tractors!

16.07.2015 11:28

Alister Anderson

Greetings from New-Zealand interesting web site

16.07.2015 20:08

Colin Cloude

Thank you Alister, nice to hear from you.

02.04.2015 16:10

wynne rees

How can I send you a pic of my MF 24?

02.04.2015 14:56

Russ Owens

Great interview buddy. Nice site as well. Keep on truckin' :)