Back from the Brink!

On the Last weekend in August we finally get some long awaited dry warm weather which allowed us to continue our harvest, this time with the latest addition to this small collection.

After all the checks we set of around the first field and once again grain rattles of the cross auger into the tanks something that has not happened for such a long time.

It would take a little time for the surface areas on the table to start shining up and the smooth crop flow into the elevator would follow.

Despite pre harvest work to the combine it is always a bit anxious running a combine that you haven't run before! But the clean sample coming into the tank and the checks under the straw swath confirmed everything was working as hoped for.

Having the offset 8ft 6 table feels a little strange but the combine handles the Barley with ease.

Its a real pleasure to operate this old maiden, and a very worthwhile project to save a local Somerset registered machine, and keep it in working order for the future.

The first cut!!

On her way, her working life continues

The 50 yr old paintwork still striking a contrast against the golden Barley.

Pushing on through this spring crop of Laureate Barley.

The first tankload going into the trailer, being pulled by my 1978 Massey 1200 driven by harvest partner Hillary Pugsley.

Husband and wife team!

Unloading on the go shot! Into my 1978 MF1200 driven by harvest partner Hillary Pugsley

50 yr Old combine! And nearly 40 yr Old tractor!

It's been a long afternoon! And a short early evening pause for some Tea!

Harvest 2017

A few more shots from our somewhat lengthy harvest season this year! All in all weatherwise it will be one to forget.

But we  were blessed once again with no breakdowns and that made up for the bad weather.

Im hoping to restore the paintwork on this 410 next year  if precious time allows.

As I put this story on the website early October the harvest in the UK continues with  some very tricky conditions to deal with.

Please spare a thought for everyone who harvests the crops worldwide in all situations so we all never know what it's like to go short of food.

Thank you everyone!

And thank you to my  Harvest partners Howard Coles and Hillary Pugsley! and also my family for their help.

Photographs courtesy of Terry Veale.





My photographer Terry takes to the wheel!
A big thank you to him for his photos!

As the Dew begins to fall time to park up for the day.

Howards 400 in action

Pushing on to beat the rain!

A rare blue sky scene looking out of the 860 cab

Awaiting the trailers in the late evening sunshine.

Looking over the work completed.