Ploughing at Stratton on the fosse.

After our harvest in September we sprayed off the stubble and at the end of the month we again left the ploughing to the Tef 20 tractors as we did the previous season, our own crops again in 2016 will be spring barley and the ploughed land will be left for the winter for mother nature to break down for the coming seasons planting.

Land owner Howard and our friends George and Frank would use their own tractors and ploughs, the weather looked set to be warm and dry for several days so ideal conditions and time to crack on with the job.

No stranger to these tractors Frank has in the past rebuilt several models from odd parts found in many places and auctions in various states of disrepair and he has donated them to overseas charities to be used in under developed areas.His own tractor rfo 471 was made up of parts of three different tractors, the gear box and back end came from the Shetland islands.

George's Tef 140 YUU 1954 we think came from Ireland, it is fitted with a 2 furrow Ford plough!  Which was Probably built in the late1940s!

Howard's Tef ESL.667Has a 1952 engine and 1954 back end!! So obviously was at sometime subject to some restoration.



The ploughmen (from right) Howard, Frank, and George,

Frank and George setting up the 3 furrow Massey plough on Franks tractor.

George leads the pack !!

George enjoying the late September sunshine and the steady pace of the Tef tractor.

The ford plough quite a rare item now.

The boys in action!!

Frank leads the pack!!

60 year old tractors! Still more than capable of doing the job today!!

Frank aboard his 1956 Tef

Frank and George making a few adjustments!! Franks recently purchased plough from Ludlow Shropshire,for the bargain price of £70!!

Land owner Howard putting his 1954 tractor to work!

The boys take a break!! after a busy morning!

Howard leads, in a scene not so common today!!

A classic combination!!

George Frank and Howard in full swing!!

Ploughing in the late September sunshine!!


Couldnt resist a selfie!! with the boys!!

Once again our TEFs carry out the ploughing here at Stratton, Howard George and Frank spend a couple of days in the late September sunshine ploughing our own small acreage, remembering their younger farming days when this push button computerised world would be the stuff of comic books!!

A big thank you again for allowing me to  share these photos of their tractors, we look forward to the spring and the planting of next summers crop.


07.03.2018 14:37

Mick Blunt.

Nice to see old tractors working, ploughing matches are ok but having a whole field to plough is much more enjoyable. I am a collector of massey tractors and equipment myself.

09.03.2018 10:17

Colin Cloude

Thank you for your comments Mick, we are lucky to be able to use all our classics on our small acreage every season and they do a good job and give us very few problems.
Regards Colin