Our 3095 on parade!! Owner Hillary Pugsley.

A couple of tidy Marshals and a rare at show Steyr appearance.

The mixed section plenty to see.

How lucky to have an exhibit as this!! at the show! Happy Farmer?

A handy tool to have around the yard!!

This locally owned County 1184 takes centre stage in the main hall!

Probably better than the day it left the factory!!

Without doubt my show favourite! I was fortunate as a nineteen year old to drive one of these during my contracting days in the seventies, it certainly brought back a lot of memories happy ones!! it just doesn't look so big today! But its still a striking looking tractor!!(if the owner is looking in you have an interested purchaser)!!

In my opinion a show winner!!

This was a non dual power variant as was mine in 1974.

This stretched Major formerly a Tractor puller, ideal for road runs!!?

This restored ploughmaster fronts a good selection of Ford and Fordsons.

Local legend! Mike Brockways Doe always a star exibit, Mike has owned this model since 1976!when they were not as sought after as they are today, Mikes tractor has just had the turntable rebuilt ready for another show and ploughing season!!

Mikes Doe "Bertha" and history board.

My colleague Hillary and his newly acquired Ford 3000 purchased at the Saturday Auction,

Hillarys 3000, joins the collection.

The show theme this year David Brown! And it was very well supported not one but 2 commemorative editions of the hydra shift 1594s plus various other models and derivatives.

A full shed of the David Browns!

Several cropmasters at show

David Brown tug makes a welcome appearance!!

Just the job for those summer road runs!! With room for the wife!!?

This 1594 was in concourse condition!!

Another tractor from our small collection this International 484 purchased locally in 2013 taking its place at the show, owned by Hillary Pugsley.