One of the Many.

The following pictures have been sent to me by New Zealand correspondent and custom cutter Cameron McKay.

These photos of an elderly MF 760 and it’s faded paintwork is the very first model 760 brought onto South Island New Zealand in 1976 as a demonstrator and the first of many more that would follow.

over the last three decades many other secondhand hand Masseys have made their way to this island from Europe and particularly the UK, in fact there is still a steady stream of secondhand parts exported from here in the UK.

This particular combine remains unused today on a Dairy farm which it’s self milks 5000 cows a day! 

We only hope that someone might take on the task of keeping the combine back from the scrap man as being the very first one delivered new from Brantford is somewhat a small piece of harvesting history.

Gratefull Thanks To Cameron who took time out from his busy custom harvesting season to get these photographs.

The red sharp paintwork long gone, but we are told the Combine is still able to harvest.

Let’s hope better days await this special combine.

The Table (header) has in the past seen some paint.

The tidy rear end shows she has had good operators.