Massey 1200 /2

More pictures of the continuing work on my 1200.

Removal of brake master cylinder for replacement of seals.

Stripped out for cleaning and fitting of new seals, pictured in right hand corner, including reservoir cap seal. Make Girling.

Badly perished top and bottom plunger seals.

Seals and plunger replaced, and new rubber end cap seal fitted all ready to be 're fitted.

New headlights to fit, purchased from India!?

The old butler type lights, showing their age.

A recent restoration of a Massey badged Bomford superflow cultivator, a good match for the 1200

A classic combination.

Another outstanding job still to attend to! Remove the pto extension shaft!
This shaft was put in as a dummy because the original correct one was missing when the tractor was bought by Mik

ongoing work! Replace injectors and injector pump which had become very tired!

This is the shaft that was removed!?

The correct pto shaft sourced from Northern Ireland Neil’s Tractor Parts.


26.09.2020 10:12

steven wesley

Hi, A few years ago you were fixing the brakes on a MF1200 and you resealed the slave cylinders ,I wonder if you can remember where you got the seals.Thanks steve