A very unusual French built FF30 1957 makes an appearance at the show.

A Reekie conversion of the T20 very popular with vineyards,orchards,and fruit growers,

This combination brings about a lot of memories! Fisons fertiliser very popular, also the bag of seed corn,and the milk churns in the link box! This was a daily ritual on all dairy farms before the introduction of the refrigerated bulk milk tank! This is my favourite exhibit!

Show organiser Nick Brynes Fe 35 1956 with period saw bench, restored in 94/95

Always popular at any show, the 165, this 1966 model has been comprehensively restored and was one of several models at show.

Massey 65 and P3 conversion T20 line up against our 1954 T20

Massey 35x one of my favourites! At show, Dwarfed by a Mk 11 595

Although January! The combines were busy? Well these models look the part at least and made an interesting exhibit.

Our friend Trevor Wilcox displays his recent restored Wheel driven Ferguson fertiliser spinner! Hard to find one of these all metal implements in this condition, the previous owner for sure kept the implement clean after use.

This Narrow T20 and Ferguson single furrow plough in its original patina was a welcomed contrast to all the restorations present.

The Ferguson 30cwt general purpose tipping trailer, in beautiful restored condition

A regular exhibit at local shows this manure spreader and 135 combination owned by Friends of Ferguson coordinator Robin Hatcher.

Business end of this one time popular farm implement.

Massey 732 finger mower, every farm had one of these! Very popular until the age of the drum mower, which sealed its fate! Although still handy to have around today for a bit of topping!

This Massey badged Landini crawler was a very welcomed exhibit, these crawlers were very popular throughout the hilly areas of Europe! Nice to see hear.

44 hp perkins Ad3 152 engine, complete with 3 point linkage and pto

The popular 135 and sirocco cab, this one in original condition.

Another 35x restoration one of several at show.

The T bar Automatic trailer hitch, I well remember using these during harvest time hauling grain from combines, on our own 35x

A look back at several rows of working tractors!!

More coverage of show to follow. Pt 3